The Korea Tourism Organization offers support for corporate meetings & incentive tours to promote the development of the Korean MICE industry.

1 KTO Support Process

A. Process

  • Secure schedule and list of attendees
  • Confirm support level (Grade5–1) and details
  • Fill in application
  • Apply via email (KTO international offices)

* Required documents: Schedule, list of attendees (Name, nationality, passport number required), application

B. Notice

  • (1) Application period: At least 14 days before entry to Korea
  • (2) Where to register: International KTO office nearest to your region
    • * Reference: KTO's MICE Website ( → Our Support → About Us → Overseas Branch Offices

2 Eligibility

A. All Eligible Participants

  • (1) Those staying for at least 2 nights in Korea
  • (2) At least 10 international participants

B. Additional Eligibility

  • (1) Incentives : Groups visiting Korea for company-paid incentive travel(reward)
  • (2) Company Meeting : Groups visiting Korea for conference or tourism hosted by specific company/organization.

    (Minimum 4 hours of conference/meeting must be included in itinerary)

3 K-Incentive Fun-Up Program

A. Eligibility : International travelers visiting for incentive trip or company meeting/conference

B. Grade level

Grade level
Number of people visiting Korea Incentive organization Company meeting organization
10~49 Grade 5 Grade 4
50~199 Grade 4 Grade 3
200~499 Grade 3 Grade 2
500~999 Grade 2 Grade 1
Over 1,000 Grade 1

※ There is a per person support limit according to each grade level.

C. Criteria

Criteria(Support details,Grade 5,Grade 4,Grade 3,Grade 2,Grade 1)
Support details Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 1
Souvenir (1 type)
Admission fee to affiliated tourist attraction  
Korean culture program    
Korean performance show    
Expenses for 1 special luncheon/dinner    
Expenses for special performance show    
Expenses for team-building program    
VIP souvenir    
Facility entrance fee    
Welcome event (airport, seaport, hotel, etc.)    
  • ※ The above support is applicable within the per person support limit for each grade level.
  • ※ Fields indicated with a triangle (△) may be applied for multiple times.

D. Special Upgrades

  • Groups staying more
    than 4 nights
  • Groups entering/departing Korea via airports other than Gimpo and Incheon.
  • Groups staying at least 1 night in a region outside of the capital area (Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, and Incheon)
  • Groups revisiting Korea
    within the last three years
  • Groups from Korean business with branch offices abroad
  • Groups traveling from far(Europe, Americas, and Southwestern Asia)
  • Groups participating in ESG programs
  • *Duplicate promotions not available, and prior consultation is required.

E. Program Features

  • (1) Eco-friendly souvenirs provided for groups visiting Korea
  • (2) CSR activities, eco-friendly team building events, and level upgrade if participating in Fair Tourism programs

    ※ For example: Participating in a cooking class and then donating the food to a welfare facility, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, etc.

4 K-Incentive Value-Up Program

A. Preliminary Survey Support

  • (1) Target: Employees of companies confirmed host medium to large-sized business conferences or incentive events, or travel agencies
  • (2) Items: Items necessary for preliminary survey, including air fare, expenses while in Korea, airport lounge services, etc.
  • * If collaborating with domestic travel agency (DMC), the KTO will cover expenses occurring overseas, such as international air fare, and collaborating travel agency will cover domestic expenses (accommodations, domestic air fare, etc.)

B. Prerequisites:

Category Minimum people required for support (Persons) Support limit (%) Note
China 1,000 (500*) 30% of estimated support fund for event/conference in Korea Upon actual event/conference, 100% of support fund will be provided without any deductions, including 30% provided during presurvey(conditions may change)
Japan/Southeast Asia/
Great China Region
500 (300*)
Middle East

* Until the end of 2022, application standards have been temporarily lowered for China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Greater Chinese Region.

C. Preliminary Survey Support

  • KTO Overseas Office Submit official application for pre-survey to KTO headquarters (specify outline of pre-survey visit, and supported items)
  • KTO Headquarters Reply to KTO Overseas office
  • KTO Headquarters Distribute support fund
  • KTO Overseas Office Send pre-survey visit result report to KTO headquarters

D. Reward Policy for Incentive/Company Meeting Host

  • (1) Reward Period : November or December of every year (according to schedule of KTO overseas offices)
  • (2) Main Terms
    • - Award for travel agencies that worked with organizations visiting Korea annually or within the last 5 years
    • - Priority given to selected companies (travel agencies) to visit MICE facilities and programs
  • (3) Details
    Details(Category, Annual accumulated visitors sent to Korea)
    Category Annual accumulated visitors sent to Korea
    Over 3,000
    Over 6,000
    Over 10,000
    Over 15,000
    Over 20,000
    Plaque provided
    Souvenir/Gift card (in connection to KTO overseas office*) Souvenir Souvenir Gift Card
    worth KRW
    Gift Card
    worth KRW
    Gift Card
    worth KRW
    Preliminary Survey Visit to Korea (prior approval required) - -

*Provided in connection with the Korea Incentive Awards or other event hosted by KTO overseas office.

5 K-Incentive Reward-Up Program

A. Target of Support : Official personnel of a DMC, PCO, etc. that attracts a company meeting or incentive organization

B. Support Information

  • (1) Reward, plaque, and promotional video created after selection for Best Practice program
  • (2) Entry to the Korea MICE Awards (KMA) issued to the best company (Minister and CEO awards)